Equity research, which forms a multi-billion dollar industry for investment banks, is produced by thousands of analysts worldwide to provide the market with valuable information on companies, industries, and market trends. Today, over 90% of equity research is consumed by fund managers, who have the Wall Street relationships to acquire it and the analyst resources to mine it for insights. For corporate strategy professionals who lack this access, however, equity research has historically been challenging to obtain and navigate.

Our Top 8 Equity Research Services Include :

 1)Company Reports : 

An update report that highlights the latest news, company announcements, earnings reports, Buy Sell Hold ratings, M&A activity, anything that impacts the value of the    company.

2) Initiation Reports :

A comprehensive company report that is compiled when an analyst or firm initiates their coverage of a stock. Initiation reports cover all of the divisions and products of a company in-depth to provide a baseline of what the company is and how it is performing. Initiation reports can be tens to hundreds of pages long, depending on the complexity of a company.

 3) Industry Reports :
General industry updates that cover a group of similar companies within a sector. Industry-specific reports typically dive into additional factors such as loan growth, interest rates, interest income, net income, and regulatory capital.
4) Commodities Reports :
A report compiled by research firms either daily or weekly. These reports can often be a great place to get more in-depth insight on commodities and also get market opinions from commodity analysts or traders who write the reports.

5) Flash Reports  : 

A quick 1-2 page report that comments on a news release from a company or other quick information.

6) Sell- Side Analytics : 

The sell-side’s mission is to sell opportunities and/or assets, therefore, the analysts on the sell-side are usually investment bankers trained to study capital markets in the interest of providing investment recommendations to the buy-side (also known as institutional investors) or to the investment bank itself.

 7) Buy- Side Analytics:
The buy-side is comprised of asset managers, hedge funds, and institutional investors; its goal is to expand its opportunities, increase its assets, and raise capital.

 With this in mind, buy-side equity researchers and analysts study and build financial research on companies.

 8) Quick Analytics : 

  • An industry research overview, including trends and news related to competing companies
  • Company overview, specifically any new information as well as quarterly results
  • Investment thesis, which is the analyst explaining why he/she thinks the stock will or will not perform well; the share target price is also included here – many consider this the most important piece of the report
  • A forecast of the company’s income, cashflow, and valuation produced from a financial model
  • Risks associated with stock