About Us

Who are we ?
  • inSAKE Solutions is one of the Education Technology & Consulting Services companies in India.
  • Our goal to provide state of the art solutions to the corporates and upskill aspirants as industry standards
What we have Achieved ?
Our Mission is to Provide ?

Our Values

  1. Strong Belief system – We highly bank on our ecosystem and stakeholders that can spark young minds to achieve bigger things.
  2. Commitment towards mission – we will continuously work towards our goal and we believe that we make differences millions of young generation from rural India.
  3. Innovation – we are adopting innovation which transforms whole learning experience into very easy.
  4. Customer First – we will give first priority to our customers and we understand each person at inSAKE will give customer focus in their each action.
  5. Team synergy – we have expert mentors and we believe that each person is special and by leveraging everybody skills we are going to make synergy effect towards our process