Financial Analyst Masters Course for MBA and Finance Graduates


Hello Dear Aspirants…

If you are MBA or Graduate or Someone who is going to the Interviews and looking for Jobs in Top MNC (Multi National Companies) in World… this course is best suited for you.

Best Trick to Crack Any Top MNC Finance Job ?

Everybody finance student is having some knowledge about subject, but this knowledge is really not enough to achieve more things.

For example,

If you are going for interview for the company like Wipro Company..

And if you say in the interview that

“ Sir, I have analyzed Financial statements of the Wipro company and I have published report on web about insights to investors”

If you say statement Like this, They will immediately select you..Because This is super knowledge which they are expected from candidates..

How to get this kind of Expert Knowledge – Which is not there in books?  

If you want explore this knowledge by yourself, It will take Years to do search.

Hence We have created this course for you, In this course, we have explained all things very very easily and you just need to download the things perform activities as per the explanation.

What Will I Learn?

  • 1) Covering Concepts from very Basics to Advanced
  • 2) All the concepts covered Interview Cracking and Knowledge gaining point of view
  • 3) Each content is course is reviewed by Top Company Mangers who are working in Industry from long time
  • 4) Faculty is Expert from inSAKE Academy who is having 7 years of corporate Experience.
  • 5) Contain 12 Modules with 40 + HD Videos which explains derailed way in short and sweet manner.
  • 6) Real Life Use cases which will help you to understand better
  • 7) Course Completion Certificate

Topics for this course

40 Lessons15h 10m

Module 1 – How to Become Financial Statement

1- Course Introduction for Financial Analyst00:15:00

Module 2- Ratio Analysis – Starting of Financial Analysis-Part1

Module 3- Ratio Analysis and Time Value of Money – Part2

Module 4- Security Analysis – Stocks , Bonds & Interpretation

Module 5- What are Mutual Funds (MF) & Interpretation of different Funds

Module 6- Understanding Investment Banking – Part1

Module 7- Investment Banking – Part2

Module 8 – Stock Market Analysis and Portfolio Management

Module 9- Understand Financial Statements Easily

Module 10- Analyze Financial Statements of the Company

Module 11- Wipro Company Financial Statement Analysis

Module 12- TCS Company Financial Analysis

Module 13- Congratulations

25000 15000

Material Includes

  • You can take any company and You can perform the analysis on the company
  • You can able publish on web or any where confidently.. That is the power of this course..
  • In this Course .. we are going to cover from Basics to Advanced topics.
  • By Using this knowledge you will become Financial Analyst and you will be given certification Also
  • Some of the Important Topics Includes
  • What is Finance and How to use it
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Time Value of Money
  • Security Analysis- Bonds ,Debentures and Mutual Funds
  • Investment Banking
  • Stock Markets and Investments
  • Financial Statement Interpretation
  • WIPRO Company Analysis
  • TCS Company Analysis
  • Each and Every topic is one module and sub divided into further easy explainable topics, in addition to that, many other topics included.
  • You will be given all required course Material

Target Audience

  • Any Graduate and Post Graduates