Core Accounting Analyst Course for MBA and Finance Graduates


Hello Dear Aspirants…

If you are MBA or Graduate or Someone who is going to the Interviews and looking for Jobs in Top MNC (Multi National Companies) in World… this course is best suited for you.

What is Big Secret to Crack Accounting Interviews?

We have studied accounting in our books, but those theory knowledge will not be more useful for cracking the interviews.

In Interview the Questions will be like :

“ If you go to one computer shop to purchase new laptop for your sister.

The laptop price 45000 , Since the Shop Owner Knew to you, He given the discount 5000  and 40,000  Need to pay.

You said to Shop Owner that I will pay with in one week and took the laptop.

In the next week you paid the 40,000  and Shop owner felt happy since you have paid correct time “

Please tell the Journal entries for the Above Situation…

This kind of questions will be asked in the interview and you have to know Super Knowledge on Accounting.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will be Perfect in Accounting Concepts in the interview point of view,
  • You will be good at Journal Entries Practically
  • You can analyze financial statement of the company like Google, Wipro, Tcs
  • You will be having good knowledge about Tally, SAP and Oracle ERP's
  • You have studied Last 10 years Accounting Scams and You published report on them.
  • You will have Accounting Analyst all the skill set with Certification in your Hand.
  • This is things will do 1 out 100 ( If 100 Members attend interview, ideally One person will be having this knowledge ).. This will impress the recruiter and you will get the job easily.

Topics for this course

76 Lessons7h

How to get Core Accounting Jobs Easily

1. Introduction to Course00:15:00
2 .Objective of the Course to learn Faster Easily00:10:00
3. Why this Course is so special00:10:00
4.Modules of the Course00:15:00

Module 1- Introduction to Core Accounting with Super Tricks

Module 2- Core Accounting Concepts Part1

Module 2- Core Accounting Concepts Part2

Module 3- Journal Entries Made Easy

Module 4- Understand Financial Statements Easily

Module 5- Analysis of Financial Statements of the Company

Module 6- WIPRO Company Financial Statements Analysis

Module 7- TCS Company Financial Statement Analysis

Module 8- How to Prepare New Financial Statements of the Company

Module 9- Accrual Concepts, Provisions & Reserves with Journal Entries

Module 10- Depreciation, Amortization and Valuations

Module 11 – Accounting Errors and Bank Reconciliation Statements

Module 12- Accounting Scams and Case Studies

Module 13- Understand Taxation System Easily

Module 14- Different Types of ERP’s( Tally, Oracle, SAP)

Module 15- Accounting Important Questions

20000 12000

Material Includes

  • 1) Covering Concepts from very Basics to Advanced
  • 2) All the concepts covered Interview Cracking and Knowledge gaining point of view
  • 3) Each course is reviewed by Top Company Mangers who are working in Industry from long time
  • 4) Faculty is Expert from inSAKE Academy who is having 7 years of corporate Experience.
  • 5) Contain 15 Modules with 60 + HD Videos which explains derailed way in short and sweet manner.
  • 6) Real Life Use cases which will help you to understand better
  • 7) Course Completion Certificate

Target Audience

  • Any Graduate and Post Graduate Students who are interested in learning.