Understand AI with Simple Examples

John McCarthy is the one who coined the term Artificial Intelligence which means a program that mimics human cognition (the process of thinking) such as learning and problem solving by computers.

  • The main goal of AI research is to create computer programs that can learn, solve problems, and think logically.
  • AI involves many different fields like computer science, mathematics, linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy.


How AI is Being Used in Our Everyday Life

1. Self-Driving and Parking Vehicles
AI is used to recognize the space around a vehicle means AI gives car “the power to see, think, and learn, so they can navigate a nearly infinite range of possible driving scenarios,”
Examples of cars using this AI tech:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Audi
  • Volvo
  • Tesla

2. Digital Assistants: “Hey Google Play me a song from AR Rehman Dil Se”
Google Now, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana are digital assistants that help users perform various tasks, from checking their schedulessearching and playing your favorite song, looking for something on the web, or even sending commands to another app.

3. Robots: iRobot Roomba
The Roomba a vacuum cleaner (that cleans your floor on its own) uses AI to scan a living area’s size, look for objects that might be in the way, and remember the best route for cleaning the carpet.

4. Transportation: Uber
AI helps to Cluster customers and creating segments to understand niche needs.

  • Uber uses AI for fraud detection, risk assessment, safety processes, marketing spend and allocation, matching drivers and riders, route optimization, driver onboarding, etc.

5. Product Recommendations: Amazon
Online retailers like Amazon use AI to gather information from App and Websites which we use to understand your preferences and buying habits.

  • Then, they personalize your shopping experience by suggesting new products tailored to your habits.


  • My favorite Netflix also uses a recommendation engine that is powered by AI which uses your past viewing history to deliver suggestions for what you might want to watch next (it including genres, actors, time periods, and many many more).

6. Google Predictive Searches: Daddy of All AI applications 
When you begin to type something in search immediately Google makes recommendations for you to choose from, that’s AI in action.

7. Face Unlock: Open your phone with face ID
Mobile uses machine learning algorithms to compare the scan of your face with what it has stored about your face with many invisible infrared dots on it to capture your image to determine if the person trying to unlock the phone is you or not.

8. Social Media: Must for everyone in the current world
AI will personalize what you see on your feeds (because it has learned what types of posts more you like based on your past history) and also friend suggestions work on AI.

The above are very few examples of AI Artificial Intelligence is just making Our Lives More Efficient Every Day and in no less time, it will be hard to imagine our daily life without the help of AI.

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