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Made ChatBot with Simple Steps

Use of Chatbots and What Is It For?

Apart from a regular conversation between you and a bot, if given some Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities and customer data insights Chatbots offer a powerful way to personalize the customer experience and strategically upsell products for the business,

  • So, Chatbots can do more than just automated tasks, Chatbots are digitally transforming every industry, it could be healthcare, e-commerce, finance and education, and many more.

In the coming days, I am sure bots like Google Home and Alexa will provide us with the best deals from many sources we have on the internet, the possibilities are (almost) limitless with them.

Advantages of Chatbots in Businesses and Why Your Business Needs Them?

Current days users/consumers are getting benefits from chatbots and are already engaged with many daily and are getting interested in this beautiful technology.

Chatbot platforms are improving day by day and the most gripping reason why many companies use them is cost savings and researches forecast that companies will be saving $11 billion in support costs by using chatbots.



Some of The Benefits of Chatbots for Businesses:

1. Productivity: 24/7 Customer Support

  • Chatbots will assist quickly and efficiently with 24/7


2. Performance:

Humans usually try to manage things with the limited knowledge we have, but on the other hand Chatbots with much greater information can simultaneously have conversations with many people.

  • Every single user will be answered instantly.


3. Automated Repetition: Improved Customer Service with Cost Savings

There is no need for human interactions for Frequently asked questions, right and Chatbots can easily do such recurrent tasks gracefully.

  • Companies can increase their value when they replace such repetition tasks with Chatbots than giving it to a human and converting them into an analytics task 😉 this helps people to save time and increase productivity indeed.
  • A chatbot is way faster and cheaper than creating an application or hiring employees for repetitive tasks.


4. Increased Customer Engagement with Entertainment:

It is very important to keep your customers engaged and chatbots can surly will make the engagement more interactive with a little touch of Humour to it by giving them funny tips also 😉

  • Believe me, you will not get bored with Chatbots as it will not provide irrelevant and unnecessary information.


5. Money Baby: Generating Revenue for Companies

Using artificial intelligence methods, chatbots can recommend convenient products or services to the users, sell products, manage subscription, Lead Capturing, and many more.

  • Giving very specific and exact information to the user can get you a sale for your business.
  • Chatbots can even track consumer behaviors and purchasing trends by monitoring consumer data, which helps a company to decide changes to be made for a product to get into the market or redevelop it focusing on personalized services for users.


Steps to Take Before Implementing a Chatbot in Your Company

Chatbots are the future of engagement between a customer and a brand and every company are now incorporating Chatbots in their daily operations, communication with customers, etc. which can help them to improve

  • Improve customer service with improving a response rate
  • Personalizing communication with customers
  • Automating repetitive tasks


So, How to Build a Chatbot:

Below given are some of the steps you need to keep in mind to effectively deploy chatbots in your company.


1. Define the goals: What should your chatbot do?

 This is dependent on the Business Team to explain the development team of what do you want to achieve through Chatbot for Business.

  • List of functions your chatbot needs to perform are to be clearly defined by Business Team

Points to keep in mind before developing a Bot:

  • What do you want to achieve? – Business Problem


  • A company that sells chocolates wants a chatbot to increase its sales.
  • A software company wants a bot to ask the user before making things complicated.
  • What are the current solutions we use for the Business Problem?
  • Can Chatbot solve your Business Problem? If yes, how will it help to achieve our goal?
  • Does it make an impact on Business? If Yes, How?

Discuss the above points internally with your team members, to get an idea to understand how you can the bot reach your real goal.


2. Understand Bot User and Personalize It:

Always think about the experience you want to give your customers, by taking care of the user’s experience as a priority, otherwise, the bot could become a disaster.

You need to take different parameters into consideration like

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Geography
  • Language etc.

Try to personalize your chatbot to represent your company or brand, because the chatbot will be the front-facing avatar of your brand


If you focus your chatbot on user/client needs your chatbot will be a great success.

  • So, think in this way, If the conversation is good with the user, he could purchase with the help of the chatbot.
  • It is always necessary to understand the language of your target customer.

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